Monday, April 26, 2010

Environmental Values Clash: Green vs. Green

Environmental and related values compete. Brazil plans to build " huge dam in para. It will provide six per cent of the country's electricity needs. But it will displate 20,000 indigenous. Foreign Policy described the obvious reaction in a country when foreign governments or do-gooders tell them how to handle their environmental needs--they view them as patronizing and people who have screwed up their own area and are now telling other people not to and who have no experience on the ground. (The head of a logging group, 'To speak about the Amazon, an indivdiual must have come down at least once with malaria, be bitten by a snake...only flies first class.. five-star hotels.')

And they wish to develop solar energy in the Majove desert in California-- great for the environment, except for the damage to the fragile ecosystems in the desert. This pits green against green

Would sortition juries sort this out better in approving investments for retirement savings and for wait to be rewarded until we really know" accounts, and in a sortition tax.

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