Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Prosecutors framing innocent men for murder; Wait to reward them.

I spoke before about rewarding important government officials and those running companies or investment banks many years after they work, e. g., when they retire. Here is a reason why. Prosecutors and framed a man for murder. Twenty-five years, they finally discover the records of this frame-up. The Iowa Supreme Court released him and exonerated him. Iowa does not permit people to sue prosecutors. So they sued under Federal Civil Rights provisions and this is a Supreme Court Case.

A sortition jury should review the pension amount for major public officials. Those who were wrongfully convicted would present their information. Those who were victimized by criminals could also present the case--that the persons were brought up on charges before hand. But the prosecutors might have declined to prosecute--or flubbed the trial.

They would look at groups of prosecutors and compare the good and the bad of each and distribute the income from the pension pool accordingly.

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