Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ritholtz on Mortgage Bail Outs

The share economy is the perfect solution for underwater mortgages. And sortition juries are the way to decide which mortgage holders should get financial relief or a bailout. Many mortgage defaults are strategic defaults.

Dr. Ritholtz talked on NPR that propping up price gains in homes, one is making it harder for people to get into their first home. Of course the interest rate is also in effect. (For the mortgage buyer, it doesn't matter much whether they are paying six per cent on $100,000 or three percent on $200,000.00. At least at the beginning only a small percentage of the mortgage payment is paying down the equity.)

The comments indicate that an important thing is allowing a family to stay in their home until the end of the school year. "But no sympathy for the mortgage flippers.")

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