Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Poll on Sugary Soda Tax in New York City

Quinnipiac Polls show that New York City residents favor a tax on non-diet software drinks when they are asked about a tax to help close the budget by 76 to 22 percent. However, when it is phrased as a "fat tax" or "obesity tax" they oppose 50 to 47 per cent.

Many states and nations are turning to small excisse taxes to help finance. And we learn from Dr. Buchanan that even back in the sixties, people were less likely to favor government programs, if they were explicitly told that taxes would be raised to pay for them. And now, individuals are in favor of having everyone insured but not having increased charges, and they are in favor of everyone having health insurance but are against a penalty for those who choose to remain uninsured..

Of course, we should go to a general badness tax on all goods.

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