Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Health Care Cost Control

Health Care Reform has now become Health Insurance Reform, putting "the squeeze on insurance companies." But it does nothing about lowering health care costs and the incentives on physicians and others to do more and more procedures, and to salami slice the health care activity and bill to make more money.

Our participatory democracy plan is to make the insurance companies and other large payers spend a certain amount of money. The health care providers would provide the best care they possibly can, and on the basis of same, after the fact, the participatory democracy juries in collaboration with experts and computer software provided by the insurance companies decide how to allocate the fixed pot. For group plans, the sortition juries are selected from the premium payers, the group covered. For those plans subsidized or completely paid for government, the sortition juries are chosen from the general population.

In other words, fix the costs, but leave the autonomy to the doctors on how to practice!

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