Saturday, October 24, 2009

Miscellaneous Jury Information

Some miscellaneous reports on the jury system:
  1. Some states require that after the juror comes back with a verdict, that someone checks with each juror whether they agree with the verdict. If one of them says no, they can be sent back for further deliberations. After this process, one jury changed from completely acquit to finding the defendant guilty of a lesser charge.
  2. Lord Judge, "the most senior judge in England and Wales" says that conventional trials should be replaced by the opportunity to sift through the evidence. I would argue that this should be true for sortition juries, as well. Thus, a sortition jury deciding on a tax situation might listen to some of this on the car or public transportation and click around the information provided at their own pace and in little bits of time.
  3. And there is a proposal to try using expert panels instead of juries to resolve malpractice cases. The Obama administration plans to test this idea. I would argue the jury is the cheapest part of the civil litigation and one should get rid of the lawyers and judges.
Thanks to the Blog by Professor Hoffmeister who led me to these links.

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