Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Participatory democracy should fill our educational systems and our free time. Do we replace the sage on the stage (conventional lecturing)? Is this something the google and facebook generation wants? Many people feel this way. These ideas are well summarized by Don Tapscott. And how can we use the surplus of free time in the Post-Industrial world? I believe that Participatory Democracy is the answer. So instead of turning on the boob tube, going to a video-game or participating in meaningless social networking, one simply says, "I have some time." and you are assigned to a sortition jury. You may be deciding the taxes for a dry cleaner and learning about how the different dry-cleaning affect the environment and reviewing their labor record. Or you may be deciding which new tenant should be accepted at the housing complex in which you own a share as your grandfather worked on the construction crew, and was given a share of the future profits, which you inherited.

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